3X revenue with hyper-contextual product placements

MoneyMade's AI-driven ad solution integrates diverse formats into articles. Increase revenue by 3x, enhancing user experience and at no cost.
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Our tools are used by top-tier finance products & sites

Generate More Revenue in < 2 Mins.

The MoneyMade Conversion Stack for Publishers drives more revenue while giving your customers a better and more relevant experience.
  • Moneypitch

    MoneyPitch. Give contextual product pitches

    ● Improve user experience with copy that’s contextually relevant to each article
    ● Do away with generic ads
    ● Never update ad copy again
  • Moneyguide3

    MoneyGuide. Monetize your article navigation

    ● Improve user experience with a clickable AI summary for every article
    ● Increase time on site with fast article navigation
    ● Drive users to article sections near the MoneyPitch
  • Moneybubble 2b

    MoneyBubble. Embed products inside keywords

    ● Increase time on site with product exploration
    ● Keywords are clickable to reveal relevant products
    ● Products automatically embedded, no management needed
  • Moneycard 2

    MoneyCard. Showcase unique product features

    ● Increase time on site with interactive components
    ● Product details automatically updated, no management needed
    ● Customize product details as needed
  • Moneybar 2

    MoneyBar. Give maximum visibility to products

    ● Sticky bar ensures the offer is seen
    ● Increase time on site with interactive components
    ● Customize bar colors and add it to either the top or bottom of your page
  • Moneyleads2

    MoneyPitch. Give contextual product pitches

    ● Instantly begin capturing more email addresses with contextually relevant email capture CTAs
    ● Each CTA is created to be relevant to precisely what the user is reading

Publishers love us

"Since partnering with Money Made, we've seen our on page revenue increase of 350% vs our ad units. Their tech, industry knowledge and deep-rooted product partnerships made for a simple and highly effective revenue solution for Decrypt."
"After implementing the MoneyMade revenue widgets on investorplace.com, we were able to realize significant net new revenue to our ad stack. The RPM delivered was in line with their forecasts and improved our page RPM by 3x. The team was extremely easy to work with and made implementation seamless."

How to setup the Conversion Stack

Turn your blog into a conversion powerhouse in 2 minutes.
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Do you have your own advertisers?

Easily run your own advertisers through the Conversion Stack formats! Setup takes <2 mins, no-code, no management. Offer your advertisers high-performing, ultra-contextual placements on your site.

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