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MoneyMade for Brands' automated marketing solution gets you access to over 10+ million engaged fintech users every month while turning your own website visitors into customers.

Our tools are used by top-tier finance products & sites

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Reach millions of fintech users on autopilot

Get automatically inserted into finance content with hyper-contextual, native product placements
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Why advertise with MoneyMade?

MoneyMade is the #1 investment product discovery platform in the United States. 

We've partnered with the largest finance publishers in the world, like NerdWallet and CNNMoney, to drive high-quality readers to your product.

Reach millions of fintech users

• 10,000,000 US fintech users reached per month.
• 22% of users are accredited investors.
• Fully automated & optimized for high-quality lead gen.

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Launch your campaign, right away!

Setup and launch your campaign directly from your own dashboard. It’s so simple.

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Create an account 

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Enter some basic information about your product 

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Watch as your native placements are created and broadcast 

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Track performance

Brands Love Us

"Working with for the past 2 years, their innovative solutions & data capabilities have provided Masterworks the opportunity to reach the tens of thousands of potential investors we are targeting on a daily basis. Recently we re-upped our partnership and are extremely excited to be a part of MoneyMade's long-term strategy in educating their audiences with new investment products and services.

Don’t lift a finger with automated campaign reporting

No need to break out the spreadsheet. MoneyMade’s analytics dashboard will show you exactly how much revenue you’re driving… on autopilot.

Ready to start acquiring more fintech users?

Convert 3x more users that visit your blog

Instantly add hyper-contextual, native product placements throughout your content. 2 mins setup, no code and no management.

Skyrocket Conversions with AI-Powered Product Placements

Discover the power of MoneyMade's innovative content formats driven by cutting-edge AI technology. Our hands-off approach requires zero management, drives higher user engagement and 3x conversions.
  • Moneypitch

    MoneyPitch. Give contextual product pitches

    ● Improve user experience with copy that’s contextually relevant to each article
    ● Do away with generic ads
    ● Never update ad copy again
  • Moneyguide3

    MoneyGuide. Monetize your article navigation

    ● Improve user experience with a clickable AI summary for every article
    ● Increase time on site with fast article navigation
    ● Drive users to article sections near the MoneyPitch
  • Moneybubble 2b

    MoneyBubble. Embed products inside keywords

    ● Increase time on site with product exploration
    ● Keywords are clickable to reveal relevant products
    ● Products automatically embedded, no management needed
  • Moneycard 2

    MoneyCard. Showcase unique product features

    ● Increase time on site with interactive components
    ● Product details automatically updated, no management needed
    ● Customize product details as needed
  • Moneybar 2

    MoneyBar. Give maximum visibility to products

    ● Sticky bar ensures the offer is seen
    ● Increase time on site with interactive components
    ● Customize bar colors and add it to either the top or bottom of your page
  • Moneyleads2

    MoneyLead. Give contextual product pitches

    • Instantly begin capturing more email addresses with contextually relevant email capture CTAs
    • Each CTA is created to be relevant to precisely what the user is reading
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$275 /mo

Up to /mo

25,000 sessions*

2 min setup
Fully automated
Complete branding
Unlimited articles
No management
Non intrusive
Cancel anytime

* $35 p/ 5,000 additional sessions /mo

Ready to start acquiring more users?